It’s time to put ‘Krishna’ in the right perspective before our kids !


Krishna Janmashthami is over, and this is how I feel about what more this festival can give us other than cute Radhas and Krishnas on our Facebook timeline.

Ours is a country that is bound by religion in many ways. It is these festivals that make India such a effervescent and vibrant nation. Come mid of the year, and you are celebrating everywhere and in every possible way. In a society like ours, we epitomise Gods and Goddess. They are in a way, our way of life, something that we closely think and also feel about. We learn, we imbibe the philosophies and add those in our lives to give meaning and value to our own existence. Religion and its adjoining spirituality is something that we have been savouring through ages, and surely will continue till generations to come.

So, when the other day a friend called and cried about a nasty incident that took place in an upstate school in Delhi, I was horrified and appalled beyond words. A Janmashthami celebration in the school went horribly wrong when boys started pulling the strings of the blouse that the girls were wearing for a dance performance. When prodded, the boys gleefully answered that they were just trying to be Kahnaiya to the Radhas in the school. And added, isn’t Krishna Janmasthami all about this and eating makhan !!

Honestly, even though I felt hurt, slightly paranoid and also disgusted, I don’t blame the boys in any which way. Distorted version of religious figures is anything but a truth that we are living with. The teachings have been left behind and the histrionics has taken the front seat. Think about it. How many of us go on to talk about our kids about Shri Krishna’s teaching? Very few. Common let’s be honest. What we perhaps dwell more on is the mischievous acts and the Godly avtar of Krishna. But, we conveniently forget that there is much more to that, which our children need to know. And know from the right perspective.

Some of you may argue that every avtar of Shri Krishna is poignant, important. Agreed. Undoubtedly so. But then if that is the case, why is teachings is not dug deep upon? Why his pious friendship with Droupadi is not much talked about? Such a beautiful relationship that was ! Why his devotion to both his mothers are not talked about much? And, not to forget the Gita. I am sure, you all will agree that Shri Krishna and his teachings is an institution in itself. He is one God, who has a seamless semblance to real life, perhaps to each one of us living on this earth today. He is someone who can be seen as a manifestation of higher human being, because of his thoughts and deeds. An inspiration, which can bring a sense of righteous and peace in this world that full of agonies and miseries. What I typically want to say is, studying alone about Shri Krishna is understanding life in its various facets. Isn’t that so?

It is time to put Shri Krishna in perspective. Something that our children need to learn, and do the right things in the right way. Fun and distorted version of such an epic figure isn’t helping anyone, and especially not our kids. In a world where restlessness and upheaval is seen in every strand, HIS teachings is a ray of hope. As parents, the onus is on us. Let Shri Krishna be the idol. Let his teachings be the verses, which reaches our ears, but again certainly in the right way. Let our children know and understand Shri Krishna in a broader, deeper and better light.

On a lighter note, the last thing anyone of us would ever like to say, “ Bhagwan Shri Krishna ne bache ko bigad diya”.

Happy Krishna Janmashthami !!