When Mattress eases your Stress!


After two epidural c sections and a profession that needs sitting up for hours, a damaged back was just round the corner. And, it happened. And, happened in a way that collapsed a lot of things alongside. I had never known this before that managing a backache would be such a difficult task at hand. What started as a niggling pain on movement, slowly turned out to be a nagging perpetual ache that would refuse to leave me!

Worst, my sleep also trudged off and I was left in a tired and fatigued state, almost all the day. The discomfort was increasingly painful, and then I started running around for solutions for back pain management.


While I did that, I was shown several reasons why my back would have gone for a toss. And, remedies were also floated accordingly. Exercises, yoga, correct postures and painkillers, ergonomic furniture and so on and so forth. But, respite came only momentarily. There was nothing that could relieve me off this pain that was taking a huge toll on my daily life. I was in mess. And, at the same time I also realized that I was not alone in this pain. There were several like me who endured this killing pain day in and out.


Then, as time passed by and I got increasingly exasperated with my ways, and then a friend suggested to change the mattress I slept on. And, trust me that made a hell lot of difference in my well being that I never thought before. I brought home ‘Sleepwell’ mattress and started using it. Since I had a bad back, I chose the ‘Back Support Mattress Range’, which gives better support to the spine. Within few days the results were showing up and I was able to get a good night’s sleep. What used to be a tandem of sleepless nights, were now something I finally looked forward to. Here are some of the hallmarks of ‘Sleepwell’ mattress that I wanted to share:


  1. Sleepwell mattress are designed to cater to people’s varied needs. This makes it the Leading Mattress brands in India.
  2. In a bid to provide their customers  “ personalised” comfort , Sleepwell mattress are designed keeping in mind the individual needs of customer s after a lot of scientific R & D in Sleepwell’s Labs .
  3. Sleepwell being more than a 45 year old brand understand Indian Body’s best.
  4. In Fact other than Mattress, Sleepwell also has a wide range of Home Comfort Products like Pillows , Comforters , Cushioning etc which go a long way to enhance our comfort level’s at home.
  5. Here are some of the products that you can find in ‘Sleepwell’ range:
  • “Comfort Cells” Mattress which also can be customized using their “ Perfect Match” body mapping process.
  • Premium Technology Products like Nexa and Impressions Mattresses.
  • Unique My Mattress Range.
  • Back Support Mattress Range
  • Mattress Protectors, Pillows, Bolsters & Back Cushions.
  • Furniture Cushioning Range.


This may sound a cliché, but is true to the core that sometimes we overlook the obvious reason that causes problem in our body. While the posture and the constant work hours were the culprits, the mattress too was to be blamed. While I ran around all over to mend by back with umpteen solutions, I kind of overlooked the one that should have been the first thing on my list. A lousy mattress can create havoc, I tell you. I have had it in the worse way. And, today after changing my mattress, even the long work hours are comfortable because at the end of the day I get a firm, cozy and comfortable sleep. No wonder India’s Leading Mattress – Sleepwell is so wonderful.


Choose your mattress diligently. Mattress eases stress, and more!!