Manmarziyaan – An unapologetic take on a Woman’s Heart !


Haye yeh #Manmarziyaan

I am not a Anurag Kashyap fan, and I seldom connect to his movies. But, Manmarziyaan intrigued me from the time I watched it’s trailer for the first time. I kind of like stories where I get to see the nuances of a complicated and convoluted tales of the heart ! And, I knew it was one of those.

I won’t dwell much on the plot. It is a story that has been told several times before. I hear Manmarziyaan is based on the love triangle of Amrita, Sahir and Imroz. Yet again few people from the bygone era whom I have followed rather closely. And, if this doesn’t ring the bell, think about ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and you would know what I mean.

But, Maanmarziyaan has something else that I rarely see in movies. An unapologetic portrayal of ‘Rumi’, a young girl, effervescently essayed by Taapsee Pannu. Rumi is in love with an ungentlemanly Vicky (Vicky Kaushal). She screams, loathes, swears, drinks, smokes, and yet has her heart in place. She loves, and loves him to death. The family knows. They worry, but they also love her for what she is. There is no melodrama to make the ‘beti’ sanskari. Interestingly, the family is not even against her getting married to Vicky. ‘Yehi Rumi ki marzi hai’, as they say every time the girl slumps, and professes her love for Vicky. Even though the family knows the ‘not so responsible’ Vicky, yet they never try to push her to marry Robbie (Bachchan), a saintly perfect gentleman. They accept Rumi and her choices as they should be. Morality and parivar ki izzat for once was rested well !!

Also, Rumi floats back and forth several times and that might make you feel ‘yeh kar kya rahi hai’? But, to me, it is this imperfection of human nature that makes Manmarziyan what it is. Imperfection of choosing a man who she knows is not responsible, yet loves. Imperfection when she deliberately keeps the price tag in her nighty during her honeymoon. She doesn’t bother. All she wants is to make her ex jealous. Imperfection in daring to tell Robbie the night before marriage that she can’t marry. And, many more. Perhaps. Anurag Kashyap quite literally thrives on these imperfections, vulnerabilities and desperations of love, and churns out a never before told tale of a difficult and knotty woman’s heart. You may see a bit of Geet (Jab We Met) or Kangana in Queen, but still Rumi remains unique in very many ways. It is an out and out Tapasee Pannu flick. And she aces it like never before. Mind you, it is not about showing the world a liberated woman alone, rather it is more about accepting this imperfection in full glory.

This is revolutionary.

After a long time, Manmarziyaan has songs which tells more than the screenplay. They recite verses of love better than the spoken words, and so brilliantly, I tell you. ‘Saachi Mohabbat’, ‘Daryaa’ and ‘Cooch Ladhiyaan’ and ‘Jaisi Teri Marzi’ being absolute favourite. Amit Trivedi just proved yet again that Punjabi songs are much more than dhol and loud bhangra beats. Lovely.

Some amazing dialogues. But one that I would quote here, when Robbie (AB) says to Rumi, “ Vicky to takat tumse milti hai. You empower him.” And, how beautiful is this? Women do empower men in more ways than one. It has been there all along. But seldom we hear it say. Heartwarming !!

And, then the last scene, the long twelve odd mins walk. Absolutely brilliant director’s touch there. To pull off such an important juncture with just two broken hearts walking through the bylanes and trying to mend it somewhere, somehow. Bachchan and Tapasee just nail it effortlessly. Mr. Kashyap, well thanks for reminding that a lot happens over a walk too 🙂

Well, Manmarziyaan is like one of those delicacies with acquired taste. You may not savour it in the first go. But, with time, it simmers, and simmers to stay and linger around.

And, then you say… haye, yeh Manmarziyaan !!

P.S : This is not a review.