Kaabil- Not Now, Perhaps Never For My Kids !!


Understandably, one cannot always make movies that would be befitting for kids to watch. I also agree that there is a lot creativity involved and the filmmaker’s mind is a mammoth sink hole, which probably houses several ideas that we as common people might find difficult to look deep down into. I, in my own limited understanding of Indian cinema would like to believe that ‘Kaabil’ too was one of those flicks that had the makers dive deep into creative whirlpool. But what they came up with leaves me sad, horrified and in utter trepidation. Kaabil disappoints, and not now, and perhaps never this will be one Hrithik Roshan flick that I would ever like my children to watch. But why ?

Looking at the promos, I knew and could sense that this film has its dark shades. As a mother, I didn’t want to expose my nine year old Hrithik Roshan fan to get exposed to something like this. His insistence, and my reply would always be “not now, may be when you grow up a little more. It is still not the time you watch Kaabil !! ” As the movie released and the story came afloat, I heard, read and gulped all kinds of reviews. But, when I saw this much hyped movie, it came to me as a jolt. Holy shit !!

One day perhaps I want my boy to see Pink and create his own sense of judgement that when something is wronged you need to fight for justice. I want him to learn that if you are humiliated no one is more pained than the person himself. I want him to learn that revenge is great only if it not couple with male battered ego. I want him to know that no matter what, ‘We’ is more important than ‘I’ in any relationship. Now, why I say all this? Because, second half, and Kaabil falls flat on the ground. How could you take such a misogynistic stand dear Mr. Roshan, how? How could you even perceive and construct a plot that upholds ¬†male suffering much more than the plight of a blind woman who is raped, caged and humiliated. How could you let the victim die because her man was more in pain…??What will my son possibly learn from this movie, may be only the fact that when someone you love is harmed, you support a revenge because your male ego is hurt ? Or is it, because you have such standards that in your own desolation you completely forget the ¬†essence and significance of ‘We’ and ‘Our’ in a relationship. I am appalled beyond words. I am stuck at a simple fact that why you could not fathom a ‘we’ revenge story rather than making it a chauvinistic revenge saga ? Why yet again a woman had to lean on her man’s shoulder to sponge her tears? Why she had to kill herself and again reiterate the blatant hypocrisy that her pain is nothing compared to what her male connections are going through ? I cringe..and cringe..and cringe !!!

However, if someone wants to stand high up and argue that it is also about the disability factor and you can conquer the world even if you are challenged, for them I have one answer- I will make my children watch Black, Khamoshi, Koshish, Shor and a host of other Indian and foreign films that treat disability as it needs to be treated. They don’t hide under the garb of disability, and serve something that is utter non-sense, obnoxious, and high on sexism.

This is sad, but for once I have to tell my boy that his super hero didn’t live upto my expectations. He may be a fantastic artist, ( no doubt about his acting prowess), but in this era when rape, molestation and other crimes against women is no rarity, I was expecting Kaabil to live upto its title in every possible sense. I would have loved if both of them stood against all odds and revenged the act. I would have loved if this film had set a precedent that our younger generation could learn from. But, where I stand now, never would I want my boy to watch Kaabil even as a frivolous artistic pleasure, because the innate message of this film is destructive, detrimental and malicious to the core. I wish Kaabil was about Supriya’s ‘kabiliyat’ as much as it pronounced Rohan’s kabiliyat with vigor and vehemence !

Kaabil, sadly will always stand as a ‘Nakaabil’ movie of Hrithik Roshan for my children, now and perhaps forever !!



  1. Very nice view. Supriya seems nipped in the bud. It needed more from the protagonist than just revenge. It needed to redeem the wronged.

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