‘Just Another Day’- An Impressive Debut By Piyusha Vir


“ …. Am I comfortable? The bed must be harsh no? They are now talking about something that I can make no sense of. A white haze seems to surround us all. The cacophony of the equipment and the harsh lights are giving me a headache. Is there any chance I can get some peace? I turn my attention to the recent past. It will give me some solace, I know.”
Happy Birthday, Saisha

What lies ahead of us? We don’t know. In fact, we can never know. A perfect day can become a nightmare. And, even a mundane ordinary day can become the best day of your life. Who knows what the future holds. Who knows what we plan will actually get executed? And, what we never planned suddenly stares at us dauntingly. Well, author Piyusha Vir’s debut collection is all about this unknown. She calls it ‘Just Another Day’. Published by Readomania, this anthology has three stories, and is available in Kindle. Each of the three stories by the author Piyusha Vir stands on its own merit of being thrilling, heart wrenching and heartwarming. They are different from each other, yet cut through the basic ethos of the collection- it was indeed just another day, until….

Synopsis: Just Another day is an anthology with three stories. The first ‘ Writer’s Circle is a thriller’, second ‘Happy Birthday, Saisha’ is a social drama and the third ‘ Elevator Tales’ is a breezy romantic drama. All the three stories are from varied genres. The author has shown immense deftness in handling each of her tales. She made sure that she has something to offer to everyone, and that comes well through her work. The tales are relatable, and are produced in a vivid manner, making it a delectable read.

Narrative and Language: Author Piyusha Vir chose a first person narration for all the three stories. And, this has made each one of stories a telling tale. The plots were gripping and the emotions were overwhelming in more ways than one. While in ‘Writer’s Circle’ you will be sitting on the edge and left guessing the end, in “Happy Birthday, Saisha”, you will be gripped with horror and choked with pain at the end. “Elevator Tales’ by and large is something that is an any day read. The language she chose is simple and lucid, which is easy to comprehend. The seamlessness and relatability of the narrative coupled with her engaging linguistic dexterity and a crisp editing has made all the three stories a delightful read.

Just Another Day is one of those reads that you can pick up without any second thought on just any day. In her debut, author Piyusha Vir has shown a promising path ahead. She has the class and the adeptness to dwell on easy as well as complicated subjects with same vigor. An impressive debut by all means, this one is a must read.