Is A ‘Woman President’ Still A Distant Dream For U.S ?


In few days,  Barack Obama steps down and Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of United States of America and is all set to rule the White House for the next few years. Believe it or not, it has happened and happened with a bang. While the whole world watched and rooted hard of Mrs. Clinton, it was Mr. Trump who triumphed at the end of the day. I am sure most of you have followed the United States presidential elections rather closely. And, like most of you, I too have my hits and misses from the election that was perhaps one of the biggest events of 2016. And why not, United States after all is that dream country, which most of us look up to. It is that country, which is touted as a dream charmer. You like it or not, but you cannot ignore it. United States, thus grabs all the attention when it is a political event like this, and has enormous repercussions on the entire mankind, so to say. While we may sit back at our home and chose our favorites, but then, the nation in question has done it rather differently. Going by the debates and campaigns, it was Hilary, but at the end, Trump trumped everyone and took the stage. But how and why?

Going by political voices, there will be several theories that will float now. The aftermath of such an event as big as this, is definitely going to be an ear tearing one. But, me as a political layman want to ask just one thing, what was there in the minds of Americans when they voted for Donald Trump ? I understand his non-liberal views have gone well with the masses. The collective ethos of the native Americans was way different from what had been perceived. The native Americans have their ways and stance, which pretty much reflected in their voting patters. But, was Hilary so unwanted ? Was she so undeserving ?  Was she so reprehensible to be the next President ? Well, not really !! But then what could have gone against her ? May be or perhaps the fact that she is a WOMAN !! Yeah you heard it right.

It should be a rather surprising news that United States of America never ever had a Woman President in the last 45 years. A country that shows the world new lights, that talks gender bias, talks equality, talks democracy and people’s right, isn’t it surprising that this country was never ever governed by any female leader? It is no secret that Donald Trump is the voice of that male fraternity, which epitomizes sexism, misogyny and irrefutable male dominance. Not once, but in several instances he has been vocal about women and invested a lot of derogatory remarks against women in his speeches. He received flakes too. But the end result?  Isn’t the result of United States’ Presidential election a testimony and hands down endorsement to the fact that YES WE ENDORSE WHAT MR. TRUMP SAYS !!

In a situation like this am I wrong to believe that the American conservatives are actually the ones who find solace in Trump’s words and actions? Is the very idea of a Woman President discomforting to the native Americans ? Is it difficult to swallow the possible change in the gender hierarchy ? Are they scared to lose the male dominance and male privileges ? Or is it that America is all good with the political patriarchy that it practices since ages? Could this be a possible reason for the defeat of Mrs. Hilary Clinton ? I don’t know, even though I would like to know !

I was rooting for Hilary, and had my own reasons. Trump, I found as a man who could do no good. Even though to my knowledge I did know, this man had his feet firm on the ground. But little did I anticipate his firmness will dig a hole for Hilary. Nonetheless, it was a disaster for me. I take it as a nation, which again failed to give a woman a chance, which she deserved. It again failed to bring about that much needed socio-political change, that could have been an epic piece in history. But sadly, that never happened.

Well, it also makes me think – Is a ‘Woman President’ still a distant dream for United States ? This leaves me baffled beyond words !!