I Got Two Mumma….. Sibling Love And Bonding !


When you are mom to one child, you are a parent and when two, you are a referee…haven’t we all heard of this? Trust me this has become my parenting quote these days. With my two minions on toe, I probably have mastered the art of refereeing to a level where Indian cricket team should not shy away from approaching me twice !! Right from the word go in the morning, I am managing both and trying my best to create an environment of…” phoolon ka taroon ka sabka kehna hai…ek hazaron mein meri behna hai…”. Now, how I much I succeeded, well let that be another topic on another day. But, the point here is to strike a balance in both of them, and also to try and develop a bond that stays all their life unconditionally. This is definitely more of a pain than pleasure with.. my, I and mine dominating every possible sentence…huh !!

Siblings bond naturally, but they unbind even more naturally. This is mine, mummy loves me more, you came after me, I have visited more places than you, I can hit you because I am elder to you…..and the list is never ending.  While I take turns to pitch for one after the other, my kids are smart enough to say now, ” oh she will support you now….last time she did for me.” Yet another defeat at the hand of new generation kids who outsmart conveniently. I kinda enjoy all this at one level. Though my typical motherly rants are never ending, but I know there will be a day when I myself will be convinced that amidst all this hullabaloo, my son and daughter will bond inseparably. And, I was sure when this happened….

The other day, my son went to the shop and bought few things for him and his sister. And, when he was home, he said ” Mumma I bought two…for me and one for Riya”. This may sound very trivial and something that may be very common, but for me it was something that was the foundation of a bigger and brighter relationship in the future. I was happy, and the only thing I could do was to appreciated his gesture and ask him to continue. The result of this immediately came from my daughter who was fast to add, ” next time I will also get two…one for you dada and one for me…”. I knew I got what I always wanted. No matter how much ever they fight, cringe and get mad at each other, but as long as they share and care for each other, it’s a bond that’s gonna stay for life. I also understood that no matter how much ever I want to teach both of them about the importance of their relationship, and how perhaps they should go about it, it will not work unless they want it to make it work. At the end of the day, it is mutual and has to develop within. I am glad it happened, and it happened so naturally with time…!

You don’t have to say I love you to feel love and affection always…..’I got two’ also works ! To me, as a mom, I want both my kids to bond inseparably and unconditionally for life… And I believe, it has just begun with…” I got two mumma….. !!


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