I expected better of you Mr. Nawazuddin Siddiqui


My first brush with Nawazuddin Siddique was, inspector Khan in Kahani. I was floored. I became an ardent admirer of his work. He was brilliant, and after Irfan Khan I thought he was the man to look for. Subsequently, Mr. Siddique went on do some some commercial flicks with the Khan brigade, but there too left a mark that couldn’t have gone unnoticed. He was there, amongst the Khans and the Singhs and Kapoors, stood out carving a niche in an area where formidable talent is more than often overlooked by machismo, nepotism, stars power and so on and so forth. But this man, proved himself in every stage , and like he often quoted, he actually became an actor par excellence and just not a star. So, when I heard about Mr.Siddique coming out with his biography, I was eager to grab a copy But, how things unfold thereafter, have made me cringe and look back at my opinion on this man, whom I perceived differently.

You may well argue with the fact that the actor narrated what has happened in his personal life, and in no way we should be drawing pictures based on that. Agreed, completely. But, my point has nothing to do with his liaisons and extra marital affairs that he strewed candidly all over his book. For me, things began degrading manifolds when he chose these incidents to fly off his book from the shelves and rake mullahs. May I just go ahead and ask one thing- “ Was there nothing more important than Niharika Singh in the biography, which would have grabbed the eyeballs? Was mention of an affair, sex and sleaze were the only high points of the biography, which supposedly talks about your journey on the whole?

Now, after all the hype hoopla and sensation around it, he has decided to pull the book back off the shelves, because he feels that sentiments have been hurt. Yes, it has been hurt. But please learn the fact that pulling the book back just doesn’t change the narrative of his wretched mentality. The book grabbed eyeballs, it was sensationalised to the core putting up the dignity of a woman at stake. And how does he plan to do away with that damage? How does he plan to undo the sleaze and titillation that was created because of his alleged affairs with females around? Does his life, cinema, trials and tribulations, is just about the chronicles of his sensational personal life? Mr. Siddique, don’t be an escapist now. Rather brave it !!

Making money, fame and name out of women and sleaze was a thing of the past, and perhaps pretty much at thing at present. And Nawazuddin Siddique’s ploy was yet another glaring example of the same. Stop objectifying women for God sake. Stop titillating your audience with sleaze and sex for God sake. Stop washing all the dirty puddles in public in the name of divulging personal experiences. Let the women in your life be a part of your narrative, and not ONLY the narrative. A woman has right to privacy as much a man has. Please have her consent before using her as a prop. This book is already in hands, and there is no denying the fact that it is much more because of the controversies and sensations around it than what the actor has achieved as an artist. The damage is done, he did what he intended to do, and proved yet again that women and sex sell, and just that. It was a mighty let down. I expected better of you Mr. Siddique.