A Day at Small Bites – Dental Stem Cell Banking & its Process

dental examining being given to little girl by dentist

What is the worth of smile, sometimes they ask. I say it’s worth is immeasurable, incalculable. And when that smile comes on the lips of a tiny soul, it shines and brighten up your life manifold. But then, like every beautiful thing on this earth, a smile needs to be taken care of too. At ‘Small Bites Dental Clinic’, they exactly do that. Run by Dr. Premila Naidu and her team of specialists, this clinic is a beautiful place that takes care of most your child’s dental issues with finesse. And so, when I attended their session on child and dental health, it opened a plethora of areas for me that needed attention from the parenting point of view. And, among all of them, a holistic development from an early age, and dental health and hygiene, stood paramount.

The session opened with some thought provoking insights by Dr. Charmaine Kenita, a Homeopath and a Yoga practitioner. She took us deep into various facets of how yoga is an immensely helpful tool in channelising your child’s energy in a more constructive manner. She went onto explain how the child is much more flexible in his early years and that is why 4 to 5 years is the best age to start yoga. Also, she dwelled deeply on the habits that at the end causes several health issues in kids. And subsequently, how early good habits can benefit till the later years of a person’s life.

The next session was by Dr. Neha, an orthodontist who clearly went on to explain what are the various aspects that one should keep in mind while dealing with oral hygiene. She mentioned various facets of braces and how it is a myth that braces are only to beautify the teeth. She further said that braces can be categorised into three categories:

Habit Breaking Braces- Age 3 to 4
Jaw Correction- After seven years
Dental Alignment- Anytime during adolescence and adulthood

Dr. Neha also explained that fitting braces pose just a few immediate discomforts, and doesn’t have any long lasting effect on your mouth palate. All you need is few necessary precautions that will help you deal with it.

Dr. Pramila Naidu helped with her insight on cavities and overall dental health of the child. She also stressed on the fact that our choice of food is something that hugely determines the kind of dental problems we may face. She also talked about how cavities in kids can be kept at bay by avoiding junk food, proper home care and regular follow ups with a dentist. Her clinic ‘Small Bites’ is equipped with all the necessary state of the art equipments that facilitates a hassle free dental procedures both to the adults and kids, at the same time.

However, the highlight of the session was Dr. Chethan Raju, Regional Business Head of Mother Cell, who gave a comprehensive talk on Dental Stem Cell Banking in India. He explained that after umbilical cord blood, it is the tooth pulp, which is the biggest source of stem cell in the human body. So, if you have missed banking your child’s stem cells during the time of the birth, get prepared to do it when his first milk teeth falls. He explained that few simple procedures are to be take care off:

Enroll with Mothercell : A simple application form needs to be filled and your child’s details to be enrolled.
Evaluation and Screening: To finalize how many tooth can be extracted a general dental health analysis is a must. For which a check up needs to be done with a comprehensive report of the same.
Tooth Collection and Transportation: Tooth is then extracted and then transported in a specially designed kit to prevent any sort of contamination.
Process and Cryo -preservation: The pulp is then extracted from the tooth and a series of quality and preservation process follows after which the cryo is preserved in world class Stem Cell Bank in Hyderabad.
Report: A detailed report is then sent to the client along with an unique id and certificate for further use.

Dr. Chethan also explained how this kind of stem cell banking has helped patients with degenerative blood and nerve diseases. He also explained that in adults too, stem cells can be banked with the extraction of the wisdom teeth.

This effective session that was organised by Small Bites was an eye opener in many ways. From how yoga from childhood can shape up a better life to dental stem cell banking, it was a quite an extensive enrichment on topics that we seldom pay heed to. Small Bites in itself is an interesting place that caters to the dental need of the kids with utmost finesse. Modern infrastructure with years of experience of Dr. Premila and Dr. Gurudev has made Small Bites a name to reckon with. And, such an informative session coming from them is heartily welcomed.