Book Review: ‘THINK WITH ME’ By ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara


“ For the people of this nation, as far as possible, uniformity should be brought about in the ways of living and in the customs and conventions. In the name of religion the primary duty of everyone must be to work towards national interest.”

Published by Rupa Publication and penned by one of the virtuous names of Indian corporate world, Subrata Roy Sahara’s ‘Think with Me’ is an insight into the value system that is needed by the people of India to develop and restore its greatness with time. In precise words and crisp thoughts, this book takes you on a ride through those inundated terrains that have been devoid of the basic value system, which can bring back India’s lost glory. Mr.Roy has again gracefully put up points to ponder. But, if this book is essentially a good read, or is just a mundane rhetoric, let’s find out.

‘Think With Me’ as the name suggests, is a textbook that tells you how the government and the citizens can work together for the betterment of the nation. The book is categorically divided into five sections- Electoral System and Leadership, Population, Education System, Media, and Religion. In each section the author has mentions how and why it is essential to uplift the human values to make yourself and your country great. He has patched his words with some interesting anecdotes (both person and general) that makes it quite clear about what he is intending to say. The author has not minced words, and gives you a clear and defined direction towards his thoughts in general.

Mr.Roy has tried to make this book readable and comprehend-able for the masses. He has used very simple and mundane language, that can be easily read by anyone even with little knowledge of the language. Not only that, the examples are quite relatable and one can connect easily without much head break. The book also has a decent editing, baring the fact that on couple of occasions the narrative is repetitive with the same points thrown at the readers again and again. I wish there was something new with turning of the each page.

Precisely as said before, this 112 pages book has nothing new to offer. Umpteenth time these points have been told and retold in various socio economic platforms across the globe and in varied contexts. From that point, it is an extremely drab and spiritless book. As a reader, I would have looked to read something new. For eg. Mr. Roy talks about population as a deterrent in the development. And, adds that the population needs to be controlled. He writes, “ Approximately 70,000 children are born everyday in the country, almost one every 1.25 seconds. One-third of them weigh half the weight of a normal healthy child. According to the government statistics, the country has about 6,50,000 primary schools. But the alarmingly hight birthrate requires the additional establishments of 1 lac primary schools every year. This is an impossible proposition.” The book is laden with such facts that are found in every possible journal in and outside the country. However, the author has not come up with a definite and consumable solutions to any of the issues mentioned that can be adhered to for the larger good. Thus, the book becomes a redundant read on this account and falls flat furiously.

It is undeniable a fact that Sri. Subrata Roy Shahara is a name to reckon with when it comes to corporate accomplishments. His name is synonymous to corporate brilliance and and his achievements are examples to go by. Considering that, everything this person has to say can be valued and heard at least once, even if it is a rerun. ‘Think With Me’ is essentially a book that has been told a zillion times before. This time too the content and intent is to inspire, motivate and enlighten the inner most self of the masses. So, hear it from the man who has created one of the most valued corporate houses in the country. Grab it for a one time easy, and an effortless read.