What if Arushi Talwar was a boy?


It’s been few weeks since Arushi Talwar case took a turn, and her parents, who were behind the bars for allegedly murdering their only daughter were finally acquitted. There was a huge noise from a certain section of the society and media that justice prevailed. While there are few who feel justice have been denied. Justice may have come to the parents, but in many ways justice is still far away from the girl who was killed brutally. Media churned stories, people spoke what they had to. But as a matter of fact, the truth remains that still the culprit is at large. There is still no closure on the fact that who actually killed Arushi and Hemraj, and that probably makes most of us sit haplessly guessing what must have happened and why it has happened, again and over again.

In the whole milieu or shall I call it a circus, or travesty of Indian judicial system…I kept wondering one thing…..What if Arushi Talwar was a boy? Would the narrative have been the same? Would the police acted and jumped into conclusion just like this? Would there have been a honor killing angle at all? Would there have been such a macabre character assassination of a girl who was found murdered? Would have been suspecting alleged affairs and all that? Would there have been such a sensation around the whole event? Would there have been a case that was ogled at by most of the souls living in the country? Trust me such questions are endless…

Why a girl is put through all this even in death? It was such an obnoxious built where each and every mouth spoke wretchedly about the girl and her family. There were countless versions about why she was murdered, and even at times that this was probably the right thing that was done. If in place of Arushi, the Talwar’s had a boy, would still people had come up with theories as demeaning and humiliating as this. I don’t think so. It would have had a very different narrative then, and I am so sure about it. Perhaps a murder for gain, enmity, business rivalry or just a freak accident. But there would have been no labelling. None would have stamped on the purpose as an affair, or a compromised stance with someone, or his parent’s misdoing and whatever. Why this discrimination when it comes to a girl? Cant she be spared and treated with dignity even in death?

In the whole Arushi Talwar murder case if there was something that had irked me the most, it was the insensitivity and dismal foul mouthing of people around. Nothing and no one was spared. People jumped not only to assumptions, but also to judgements. And judgements that were misogynistic and sexist to the core. Think about it, what it must have been for the people who lost their dear ones, and then had to bear the brunt of all the allegations and stone-throwing. And today, when I sit and hear and read all the rant that is going on regarding this sensational case, I again go back to my old thought- “what if Arushi Talwar was a boy? Did she pay a huge price for being a girl?”