About Me

Why I write?

It is not About Us, rather it is About Me ! Why I write, this is  because I want to talk to you all, share my thoughts, my hopes, aspirations, opinions, trials and tribulation… perhaps everything !! Floating Expressions is my way of reach to all you guys out there. Who said we can’t talk, we can’t relate...we can and through these write-ups I am gonna pour my heart out to you. I always believe and still believe that life is beautiful in many ways and all what we need to do is to knock the doors that holes up the goodness that we need. There is a lot in everything that we need to excavate, especially the love and goodness that we have all around us. This blog is my window to the world. It is about me, my heart and my soul ! Let’s begin this new journey about learning, sharing and experiencing various facets of life through Floating Expressions !!