11 Things That I Want To Tell My Daughter That My Mom Never Told Me !!


My life revolves around my two kids in more ways than one. I always heard people saying that a child changes your life, well I am realizing every bit of it. And, this journey is not easy, rather it is a learning process that takes you through such unruly terrains of life where ‘what now’ is probably the most repeated word. But nonetheless, it’s a journey that is beautiful, to say the least. During my 9 years of being a mom, I probably have more respect towards my parents than before. Honestly, I now realise to the hilt what they have done to bring me to the level where I am today. But having said that, as a woman I feel my mom didn’t tell me certain things that would have made it easy for me to tackle my life. I mean, those few things that would have made me feel more confident and empowered  in a way. I was given a very different list of dos and don’ts of a daughter. I wish my mom had told me something different. But, now when it’s my turn, I would prefer to differ wholeheartedly. I don’t know if that’s gonna be the right thing or not, but my advise for my little girl will have the following. Take a look and let me know if I am hitting the right notes.. !

1. Be proud to be a Girl

There will be not one or two but several instances in life when you will be made to feel bad about being a girl. Give a damn and move on. You are a girl and always be proud of it. Wear your gender with pride and dignity always.

2. Educate yourself well

By education I don’t mean your academics only. Learn as much as possible that you can. You are blessed with people around who will always help you grow. So, never stop learning. Empower yourself with learning everything possible. Never hide under the garb of this statement ‘ I don’t know’ or I can’t do’. Try to be independent in as many thing as you can. Earn for yourself and make your own castle.

3. Make Friends wisely

I know this is not easy. So, be ready to falter and get ditched. This happens, happened with us too. But, remember, good friends are few but a lifelong treasure. If you end up having two good friends in your life, you are blessed. Love them, be there for them and be loyal. These are key to a lifelong friendship.

4. Learn to say ‘NO’

Understand this fact that it is impossible to make everyone happy in this world. So, there will be situations where you will have to take a call. Learn to say ‘No’ firmly but politely. There is no point in doing something where you know you don’t fit in. It is absolutely alright to make a choice.

5. Use your COMMON SENSE always

Well, it is said that common sense is uncommon. Please for God sake don’t fall under that category. Understand that there are several problems that can be averted with little common sense and life skills. God has given you brain, so please use it generously.

6. Fall in LOVE – Right man and right time is important

As a mother I can tell you, love is the best thing that can happen to anyone, provided it is with the right person and at the right time. Otherwise it just spells disaster. I know there will be multiple outing in this respect, but try to choose the right man in your life. Heartbreak is a part of life….remember ‘ Love is not love until it hurts’. So embrace heartbreak, atleast you dared to love. Don’t worry we will pull you up again !! Give your 100% in a relationships. Love, understanding and loyalty make your relationship what it should be. Enjoy your relationship and never allow it to be a burden. Respect and care for your man and expect the same. Never compromise on your self respect and never let your man compromise. Be equal, and never dominate.

7. Never stop loving yourself

Falling in love with someone is great, but in the process never fall out of love with yourself. If you don’t love yourself enough you can never love anyone else. There is nothing wrong in loving, pampering and caring about your own self. Speak your mind always !

8. Get married only when you are ready

Please don’t get married until you think you are ready and just there for it. Stick to your guns even if me and baba sit on your head. It is a huge decision. At any point if you feel you will never get married, that’s perfectly fine. But please don’t jump in this bandwagon without utmost thought.

9. Your in-laws and parents are equal

Treat your parents and in-laws equally. Take responsibility with pride and elan. However, there might be situations when you need to prioritize. Use point number 5. I am sure you will know and understand what is the call of the hour. Never shy away from your responsibilities ever.

10. Compromise and sacrifice, only till you feel it’s worth

Life demands a lot of sacrifices and compromises. Please make them but only till you know its worth it. Never do anything that kills the girl in you. Never allow your life to be a burden. It is not worth it. Nothing is more important than self love. Please make the choice that keeps you happy. At the end that’s what matters.

11. We will always be there for you

Lastly my love, I want to tell you that no matter what, me and baba will always be there with you. Even though my parents are also there for me always, I never heard them say it. So, I chose to say this. What ever may be, good or bad we will stand by you in your thick and thin. You will always be a part of our heart and soul. You will always be our pride. Life is never going to be easy, so take things on your stride and move on… Much love and power to you always !!

Let me know what I missed ….. !!

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